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Services  Logo Design, Height Chart, Leaflet, Reminder Postcard, Photo Manipulation

Gemini is a research project from UCL, studying the health and development in twins, recently celebrating their 10 year anniversary.The branding for the project hadn't been updated since it began 10 years ago, so the UCL team wanted a refresh of their logo and resources for the study. It had to appeal to both the adults and the twins: professional and fun. As a twin myself, I was so excited to help Gemini achieve this.

The logo is inspired by DNA with two dots for each 'i' to represent the two twins. The two twins swing from a tree in the height chart, used to record the height of each twin. The leaflet explains how the chart is to be used with the new design photoshopped into the old imagery. The growth reminder is sent out every three months to each family. So pleased with the outcome and loved working with Andrea and the rest of the team at UCL.

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