Lioness Lair is an innovative advice subscription site from Katie Dyer, a qualified life coach and talk therapist, to help inspire women by recording their problem and uploading to the website. Logo design, website design and build, and social media guidelines 💜 Link to site in their bio: @lioness.lair



The first few pages pulled from the branding guidelines:

Positioning, logo usage and imagery also delivered as part of the brand identity and guidelines.




Website design and development.

First the goals and requirements determined for the site, which was used to establish the site map and structure. Research, information architecture and user testing used to inform low-fidelity mobile, desktop and tablet wireframes. High-fidelity prototypes are then produced, tested and approved before the development of the site begins.

Website desktop mock-ups:

Social media guide

Social media guide was developed to help the client remain cohesive and carry the branding through to Instagram and other social channels. These pages have been pulled from the guide, further analysis and examples of how to achieve this as well as working with the client to manage the posts are developed in collaboration with Lioness Lair.