Shadows add an element of depth and character to compositions. They create an atmosphere of elegance for a design mock-up or layout. This technique started trending late-2018 and will take full swing in 2019.



This is a fun illustration trend that we’ll begin to see more of. Just look at the creative way Cheetahs are being used as inspiration for these amazing illustrations.



Brutalism is a step away from the clean and minimal approach, and embraces using bold typography and compositions to push design. While it’s been championed for the past couple of years (particularly in 2016-17), it looks like it’s here to stay. By using carefully chosen type and embracing the bold colour palettes & black and white colour trends that I’ve spoken about here, creates some exciting designs. This trend needs to be used carefully as it’s important that the function is not lost for design, i.e. a poster designed uses Brutalism techniques still needs to be legible.

It’s not my normal style, but I’m definitely inspired by the creative use of space and typography. One of my favourite designers with this style is Caterina Bianchini Studio. I love the bold compositions, illustrations and fonts that she uses – so creative. It really encourages you to think past the normal layout of print and I find it particularly inspiring for pushing website design, which is traditionally more limited and grid-based. Collection of Caterina’s work:


Open compositions

Traditionally, designers put a frame around designs so that they appear ‘finished’. However, lately there’s been a trend towards only showing part of the picture, with elements going off the page. This trend allows the designer to play with composition by embracing the space on the page, adding intrigue and interest. This trend for print has been inspired by website design, where you scroll to see the full picture.