Exploring a combination of gold jewellery and satin with rust red and beautiful print design, type and illustration.

L-R (clockwise):

  1. This photo is one I found on Pinterest and unfortunately struggled to find the original blogger – let me know if you know her! I love the lines the satin is creating and the beautiful dark red – great inspiration for an illustration or two.
  2. How great is this? Unfortunately, I didn’t take note of the artist, but it’s such a beautiful composition and colour palette. I saw this image and it was the inspiration for the whole mood board.
  3. This logo is from one of my favourite designers to follow on Instagram: Stylishcreative. Nicola offers beautiful designs and a well-curated Instagram. I love the composition and use of shadows in this image.
  4. I love the colour palette and the beautiful art in this room. The rug is such a clever moment, adding depth and character. Source unknown.
  5. I am still loving stars after the Christmas trend! I love the tones in this image and the size of the stars and the little moon. Source unknown.
  6. I love the colour of the satin here and the pop of colour in this blogger’s heels. Paired with gold jewellery and a oversized jumper for a perfect composition. Source unknown.
  7. This is one of my favourite print designs for a while. I love the illustration and the colour palette. This is by Lise Mailman for the Ruban Collectif.
  8. Finally, a mix of handwritten and serif fonts for a beautiful design. Seems that that combination is going to remain one of my favourites for a while longer! I am definitely favourite the more signature-style fonts, however, as opposed to the more traditional calligraphy and modern-calligraphy styles. I like that they look like you’ve scrawled it down on a piece of paper in a hurry! They add a bit more personality to the design. This beautiful logo is from Manon Pontillo.