The truly incredible story of conjoined twins, Safa and Marwa. The two surgeons, Owase Jeelani and Prof David Dunaway, have set up a charity named ‘Gemini Untwined’ to collate research and information on conjoined twins and help raise money for future operations.

I designed the logo for this incredible charity and they’ve recently launched their website where you can read more about the incredible work they do and donate:


Safa and Marwa’s Story

It took longer than expected to arrange the logistics to have the twins transferred over to the UK, arriving in August 2018. The first stage of separation was undertaken on 15th October 2018, with this surgery lasting 10 hours.

The next stage of separation was 4 weeks later on November 12th 2018. The surgery was more complicated and lasted some 22 hours. The tissue expanders were inserted on 11th January 2019 and the final separation was undertaken on February 11th 2019. This surgery lasted some 14 hours. The girls were discharged from hospital on July 1st, 2019 and continue to make steady progress within an ongoing rehabilitation programme.

Read more of their story here:



Gemini Multicoloured logo

Logo design for Gemini Untwined

Worked hard to design a colourful and playful logo that could brighten the day of a patient and see the company as a positive journey. Professional and clean, while remaining appealing to the children involved in this amazing endeavour.