New monthly scrapbook exploring some of my favourite sites ready to inspire my designs for May 2019. As ever, my favourite place for website and typography inspiration is Typewolf. It’s the bible for beautiful website design and the latest trends in UI and typography. Carefully curated, you can easily spend hours getting lost in some very exciting and inspiring website design. It’s definitely an integral part of my design process when looking for type, colour palette and UI inspiration.

I’ve also used Pinterest and websites that I’ve come across myself for this list.
See Pinterest for more of my influences.


Benjamin Guedj
Fonts: Saol Display, Agipo


Isabelle Fox
Fonts: Orpheus, Mabry


Épione Les Libaux
Fonts: Self Modern, Raleway


La Faurie Paris
Fonts: Titling Gothic, Sainte Colombe


The Day
Fonts : Majesti, Gotham (ScreenSmart)


Unspoken Agreement
Fonts: Morion, Karla