Royal Academy visit: Picasso and Paper on 12th March 2020

This Royal Academy exhibition showcases some of the beautiful work from Picasso throughout his life. Picasso used paper to explore many different mediums through his exploration of many different artistic eras. Truly fansinating, inspirational, educational and well worth a visit!

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Edit: Due to the Covid lockdown, you can now go on a virtual tour of the exhibition here.


Some of my favourite pieces:

Le chant des morts | Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Le Chant des morts, 1945–48


Pin on Pablo Picasso 1906 - 1908 - Dawn of Cubism

Five Nudes, 1907
Watercolour on wove paper, 175 x 225cm


Royal Academy picasso

Image taken from Picasso and Paper Hardcover – 21 Jan. 2020.
The exhibition also explored the interest and discovery of African culture.
Here you can see some of the influences coming through in his work during the Cubism movement.


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