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Services  Logo Design, Website Design & Build, Social Media Style Guidelines

Lioness Lair is an advice subscription site to help inspire women by recording their problem and uploading to the website. Katie is a qualified life coach and talk therapist and is passionate about providing an easy-to-use advice website with relevant information and advice. 

Using a pastel colour palette with a burnt red, we created a beautiful logo, subscription site and social media visual guidelines for the Lioness Lair. With three subscription options, the customer signs up to the service gaining full access of the site and a profile with a messaging system. They can message Katie and upload recordings via the Ask Lioness page. They can also complete their profile with a range of info about themselves (only visible to Katie) and change their profile and cover pictures.

Such an amazing service that allows you to get real advice from a peer through recording your voice as opposed to writing an email or waiting for a phone call or appointment. I loved working with Katie and so excited to see where she takes the brand.

Visit the website here: lionesslair.co.uk