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Services  Website Design & Build

Our/London is part of the Our/Vodka international family. They wanted to use blog posts to create a London bible of things to do and places to go. Using their Hackney aesthetic of edgy grit meets chill luxe, with the site design inspired by the likes of Kinfolk and Aesop: highly visual, clean and simple. 

There was a lot of information so the key was keeping the presentation of it simple, while ensuring that the visitor journey was sensible to access the information, and to lead them instinctively to the content they’re looking for. I also designed dynamic blog pages so that each new post would appear on the home page and the correct blog category. The filters are AJAX, meaning that the posts move on the page without the page refreshing. 

I absolutely loved working with Our/London and really excited to see the big changes that they are planning for the future.

You can visit their site here:

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