...for some online inspiration

I have always loved learning new things, and design really allows me to do this - there's always something new you can find online!

There's a few people that I love spending hours going through their Instagram feeds:
Gracecallidesigns - even if you're not in love with calligraphy as much as I am, Grace is amazing to watch! Something so therapeutic about watching her design.
Kathdavee - Kathyrn created this account as part of a graphic design project for university. She's not actually continuing with it anymore, as she's graduated, but I'd really recommend having a look at her pics.


 People of Print

People of Print

People of print - I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I love these guys! So many great articles about the world of print.
Design Milk - Always a lot of really interesting content! One of my favourite blogs is the 'Deconstructed' series, which goes behind the scenes with a different designer each week.




I absolutely love Youtube - there are some incredible tutorials out there. My favourite channels include:
- Will Paterson
- The Skool Network
- Swerve Designs

Have an explore and let me know if you've found some amazing accounts!

Have a happy Sunday! L x