...for some beautiful websites

Every couple of weeks I love having a look around awwwards.com to check out the amazing work that people are doing - one of my life ambitions is to have a website up there! Here's some interesting ones that I've found over the last couple of weeks:

How cool is this one? I love how interactive the website is, and embraces modern trends, such as, white space and minimal information. I'm not convinced about the body type though - everything else is so modern and fresh and the typewriter font seems like an odd choice for me! What do you think?

Cross Me
Wait til you get the scrolling page! I love how the designers and developers have added another point of interaction for the user that is intuitive but also innovative!

The Heineken: Go Places
This is an incredible example of how brands can embrace digital to push the boundaries of the norm. Go Places is actually an interview for a job with Heinenken! Don't worry you can do it without actually applying for a job. You're taken through an incredible VR with the host and asked a series of questions. Is this the future of the interview process. My outcome was faaaairly accurate:

Have a go yourself and let me know what you get!

Have a happy Sunday! L x