...for a beautiful camera

I volunteered in a Oxfam shop for a couple of months and found some amazing treasures! Here's a throwback to a time when I fell in love:

Volunteering in an Oxfam shop is proving to be an exercise in self-restraint! However, I saw this camera in the shop, and immediately fell in love. I tried to stay objective, however, and do some research before I gave in. I nearly bought an SLR for Christmas but they are so expensive and I'm very much a novice. This AV-1 Canon, includes the original box and all the original manuals for an incredible £12!

Researching the camera prior to purchase was very important. For many of these vintage cameras, the cost of the film and developing the pictures is the expensive part. Luckily for me, not only does the camera have some great reviews, but the films (35mm) are fairly cheap and Boots will develop the pictures! Ideal.

So when a girl came into the shop asking whether it worked, I was terrified that I had waited too long. She didn't buy it because it was 'untested', but I immediately ran off to grab my card and bought it right there and then! All cameras sold in Oxfam shops are tested by a professional before being put on sale. 'Untested' means that it is in good working condition, but the photos weren't developed so they can't guarantee that it works. My manager said that she would give me a full refund if it doesn't work, but fingers crossed it does! Charity shops really have some amazing gems, if you're willing to dig a little.

Have a happy Sunday! L x

Edit: It works beautifully!