...for a little culture

My godmother bought me a Friends subscription to the Royal Academy for my birthday last year and I loveeee it! It allows you and a guest to attend any of the exhibitions free of charge - and you don't have to pre-book.

The Ai Weiwei exhibition was running from 19 September-13 December 2015 and I loved it. The collection is thought-provoking, poignant and extraordinary. I think the success of this exhibition also lies with the message is clear and simple, appealing to everyone.

1. Straight, 2009-2012

After the devasting Sichuan earthquake in China, Ai Weiwei set about uncovering the truth behind the number of students that become victim to the poorly erected schools. The Chinese government had tried to hide the true number, which Weiwei discovered to be more than five thousand school children. Since the discovery of their corruption, Weiwei has undergone much intense scruinity by the chinese authorities and was incarcerated for 81 days in 2011.

Straight is composed of 150 tons of steel rebar, which Ai Weiwei retrieved from the sites of the collapsed school. He then spent many years straightening each and every one of them, producing this amazing piece of art in provokes an overwhelming feeling of loss for China.

2. Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn, 1995

In this piece, Ai Weiwei has captured the act of dropping a Han dynasty urn (worth approximately $1m). He is seen with the same facial expression, and one of mild disinterest. I think the piece portrays a clear message in such a clever way. What is the real value of the urn? He is defying against his Chinese heritage in such a blatant way.

Coloured Vases, 2015

Priceless urns were painted over to question where the real value of an object comes from.

3. Bicycle Chandelier, 2015

A beautiful display of an object that is ingrained into the Chinese modern day culture.

Hope you love them too! Have a happy Sunday! L x