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Garage Florals

The perfect amalgamation of urban culture mixed with rural touches, with 60/70s influences.


This identity presents Garage Florals as a premium brand with its clean and professional, cohesive identity. The typography is a mix of serif and sans serif fonts inline with modern trends. The personality of the brand is huge strength and GF sits beside its competitors while keeping a strong point of difference by engaging its consumers with illustrations and vintage colour palette.

This identity was inspired by many of the album covers, the peace and love ideals of the 60s/70s using flat, bright illustrations. A red and blue has been introduced into the colour palette as a modern take on the colours of that era. This identity is about injecting the GF personality into the brand and using flat colours and illustrations, along with some imagery that is slightly feminine to give GF a strong point of view.

garage florals website
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This identity is fun, creative and professional. Print, website and social medias will showcase the fun personality of the brand and creative nature of Eloise.

– Lucy Elliott Design

garage florals website
garage florals website
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 Think forget-me-nots growing out of the pavement crack in your estate.

Garage Florals

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Designer & developer:   Lucy Elliott


Brand Identity
Art Direction
UX design
UI design
Website development